EMC3 Projects

Projects related to EMC3

Computational Storage


Offloading some processing activities to on or near data storage devices/sets of devices. 

Projects associated with processing of data near storage where the processing does not need to know anything about the data/format:

  • Accelerated Box of Flash (ABOF 1)
    The ABOF 1 project was done to demonstrate offloading data/format agnostic functions that are expensive to provide in a standard host-based solution.  The primary expensive attribute addressed was memory bandwidth.  Functions like erasure, compression, and encoding can be quite memory bandwidth intensive requiring many times the bandwidth of the storage devices themselves.  The ABOF 1 project was a partnership with Eideticom, Nvidia, Aeon, SK hynix, and LANL.  The concept was to build a demonstration of offloading erasure, compression, and encoding from the main host processor for a popular kernel based file system, ZFS.

    See the Press Release and Presentation

  • Key Value Computational Storage Device (KV-CSD)
    This KV-CSD project demonstrated an ordered key value store at the device level (not just a hash).  This work was a partnership between SK hynix and LANL.

    See the Press Release

  • Accelerated Columnar Query offloaded to Erasure Protected Disk Drives
    This project demonstrated offloading a columnar query using DuckDB to a Seagate Prototype Smart Disk Drives within ZFS files within a ZFS file system that was protected with ZRaid.

    This work was a partnership between Seagate and LANL.

    See the Press Release

  • Future Computation near storage
    There are a number of projects being worked on now to extend on and build new demonstratable offloads, so the list above will grow in the coming year.