What is USRC?

The Ultrascale Systems Research Center (USRC) is a collaboration between the NMC and LANL to engage universities and industry nationally in support of high performance computing research.

USRC investigates the challenges of computing at extreme scales with a focus on balance and efficiency. We leverage a diversity of disciplines to help solve challenges through applied research and development.  Our key focus areas are storage, networking, resilience, system software, and machine learning. 

Latest news and events

We are proud to announce that we now have our ATLAS and Trinity data available for use! The ATLAS repository contains traces from LANL supercomputers as well as other systems, while the Trinity repository contains telemetry data, environmental data, and more.  Check out these new data sources here.

The Institute for Reliable High-Performance Information Technology, a collaboration of LANL’s USRC and Carnegie Mellon University, has developed a user-space file system that supports the efficient creation of trillions of files on Trinity supercomputer enabling new particle tracking capabilities within scientific simulations.  The article in ABQ Journal is here.

USRC resilience researchers Blanchard and DeBardeleben, in collaboration with LANL's ISR-1 Suzanne Nowicki, were featured in the Wired article: Cosmic Ray Showers Crash Supercomputers.  Here's What to Do About It.

USRC resilience PI Nathan DeBardeleben and LANL's Suzanne Nowicki were showcased on LANL's Youtube in their work with USRC's Sean Blanchard on neutron detection for supercomputers.

The annual USRC student symposium will be held on August 6th on the 2nd floor of the library.  All attending will need LANL badges, and FNs need to be approved for that area.  Students will be showing off their work from the summer.  If able, please attend and show your support!