USRC Software

USRC developers contribute to a variety of open source projects.

Parallel Fine-grained Soft Error Fault Injector (P-FSEFI)

PFSEFI is a software fault injector that uses a virtual machine (VM) backend to inject emulated faults into running parallel applications.  Users have advanced controls over faults including a complex fault model.  PFSEFI includes support for Docker to ease installation and deployment.


MarFS provides a scalable near-POSIX file system by using one or more POSIX file systems as a scalable metadata component and one or more data stores (object, file, etc) as a scalable data component.


Grand Unified File Index (GUFI) is designed using a new, hierarchical approach to storing file metadata, allowing rapid parallel searches across many internal databases.


Charliecloud Logo

Charliecloud provides user-defined software stacks (UDSS) for high-performance computing (HPC) centers.


TensorFI is a TensorFlow Fault Injector (FI) for machine learning applications that enables users to explore the resiliency of machine learning applications to soft errors.


PFTool (Parallel File Tool) can stat, copy, and compare files in parallel.  PFTool is optimized for HPC workloads and uses MPI for message passing.