USRC Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops

USRC hosts conferences and workshops in assistance with NMC and other collaborators.  Some of these events are directly hosted by USRC and others are indirectly related to USRC through leadership by PIs.

Conferences and Workshops Directly Sponsored by USRC

  • Summer Research Symposium 2018

    • USRC hosts a summer research symposium showcasing the work of summer interns, full-time staff, and PIs.  The next symposium is August 6th at the LANL Oppenheimer Study Center.  Please join us and see the work going on (LANL badge required - external collaborators feel free to contact for assistance).  Posters and presentations will be posted when available.
    • Topics to be covered include:

      • Node resilience analysis on HPC clusters via state transition from multiple fused data sources
      • Compiler based intelligent data placement for heterogeneous memory architectures to improve on performance and resilience
      • A foundation for automated placement of data
      • Investigation of dynamic routing protocols to route network traffic between compute and IO nodes with a cluster
      • Scalable in-situ indexing mechanism for manycore platforms
      • Assessing Ansible to replace core components of the HPC software stack
      • Software engineering, debugging, testing, and enhancements to the DECAF-FSEFI software fault injection system to improve its functionality
      • Using machine learning for system log analysis applied to clusters
      • Building Monte Carlo simulations, using MCNP6, of neutron scattering in HPCs to be used in the determination of error rates due to cosmic radiation
      • Improving IO and recovery performance of storage systems using declustered RAID in ZFS
      • Software development for controlling power to nodes in the raspberry pi cluster
      • Enhancement of system log analysis by identifying the most likely source code origin of each message via cloud search tools
      • Comparing the explanations of LIME and an authentic approach using internal structures of a random forest developed at LANL called “LogAn” for the purpose of determining the potential and reliability of quantitative automatically-generated explanations.
      • Analysis of context-sensitive correction with error correction codes applied to adaptive mesh refinement application
      • Creating fast storage endpoints for the next generation of HPC systems
      • Applying machine learning to supercomputer telemetry data
      • Evaluating storage system performance impacts of hardware acceleration
      • Parallel simulation of mosquito-borne diseases using highly-asynchronous programming model based on OpenSHMEM
      • Using CI/CD tools to automate a cluster installation
      • Using Raspberry Pis and Amazon Web Services to test the launching of OpenMPI across clusters
      • Pioneering the testing of the Open Build Service which will potentially be used to create dedicated clusters to build packages and virtual machine images in the future
      • Applications of deep neutral networks to high performance computing

Conferences and Workshops Indirectly Related to USRC

These are organized, chaired, or co-chaired by PIs at USRC.